Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Zone Ideas

The Zone

The government of UK and the Mayor of London have decided to seal off an area of Spitalfields an declare a quarantine Zone, something very confidential has happened, and the inhabitant of the Zone have already started to flit the scene and migrate to the north of the Seal Off Zone , some of the walls were already constructed and place in site by the military forces over night by helicopters, at other points and over time eventually builders worked in erecting sections of the wall, there is surveillance points at some important points in order to avoid access to the zone.
Big ditches have been dig deep in the roads of Spitalfields to set the foundation of the big gigantic wall, some of the precast elements of the wall, will seat on these big ditches, at some other points the city has just been wrapped around (the same as Cristos &  Jeanne Claude)
Control Points have been establish in order to stop people going back into the disaster zone or wanting to find out what has happened, so that nobody could even think about crossing to the other side or even erase the tentative of some inhabitants to find out what has happened in their homes and neighbourhoods on the other side.

Administration Institute
Nearby the Shoreditch Station a new Administrative institution has been created to stop the refuges communities entering the rest of city and spreading the word of what has happened or even disses form the inhabitants from the zone.
 A No Man’s Land area was establish at first as a double barriers against refugees escaping to the city, but then designated as a place for all refuge communities from the zone to camp  temporary….for how long?? ….Not even been decided!  by the government mean while they await for a decision to be taken by government officials.
Now and then, expeditions are arrange by the high power of the government to asses if is really possible to open the big door and let people in the forbidden Zone of Spitalfields and knock down the walls that are impeding them to carry out their normal life’s as their where before or having the normal life they had before.
This double wall zone is strictly patrol by the government and does not allow people in, communities have come together in despair and upset with the situation and decides that this cannot go on, and decides the needs to protest against all this close to the door entrance of the Zone as they want all their belongings back to them, many members of this communities.
 Eventually they decide that is time to evolve as they do not want to move nowhere else in UK and neither can they go back, and use the little terrain and walls to set a new City with part of the all city, that is not a clone of the old Spitalfields but a better environment where Human perceptions could be also captured in this new city.
They start using the many materials and scraps from the forbidden zone (broken glass, bricks and metal from old structures, rails and cables from the underground .

The Evacuation
The government made the inhabitants evacuate to the north area of the Zone as the southern part Wall was built rapidly over night and the other points where military sealed off until the construction of the wall was completed, they all arrived to the No man’s land area just off the Zone where the refugee camps where built temporary.
The inhabitants of the other side of the wall (the City) became worried of many ills or contagious diseases or mutations on the inhabitants of the Zone, so do not want to accept them back into the city.

The time line of the project is set up after the emigrants have arrived or start to arrive into the north part of the Zone and the sealing of this part is not been finish yet and they still wrapping around some structures of the area.

The incoming refugees escaping from the Zone arrive to the welcoming headquarter where a the administration of the Zone welcome them and take they narrative information of what was their neighbourhoods like.
On the other side of the No Man’s Land there will be another administrative entity in charge of controlling people from outside the zone trying coming into the NML or wanting to go into the Zone for research of investigations or curiosity.
To be continued........